Captain Dave Brown

Our “Big Stone Leader”, the former “Lisa D” was purchased in 2018 from Marine Transportation Services(MTS) of Panama City, Fl. She has been a great addition to our fleet & has operated flawlessly since her purchase. After a 6 month search & crawling thru numerous crewboats in the Gulf it was clear that MTS had the same level of standards that Delaware Bay Launch Service(DBLS) was accustomed too. MTS kept their equipment very well maintained & when crawling thru the Lisa D. it was evident that all systems were up to date & ready to operate. From the sea trials, haul out exam, USCG COI Exam to their shipyard performing our pre-departure painting everything went flawless. She made her 1500nm journey home in just 94hrs with no issues whatsoever.Leaving Panama City with a new COI & then a New to Zone exam upon our arrival home she was put immediately to work & we couldn’t have asked for a better transaction. From MTS’s management team, engine shop & owners the entire process was great. We look fwd to a long lasting friendship with a great group at MTS

Captain Kerry Corley

At some point in time since 1980, Capt. Tom Corley & Son Marine Surveyors, Inc has surveyed all vessels of Marine Transportation Services (MTS) and has found that these vessels have been maintained to the highest quality standards in the industry. When vessels were audio-gauged every five years, no vessels showed less than 95% original thickness which is indicative of a properly maintained aluminum vessel. It is the undersigned’s opinion that MTS has some of the finest vessels in the Gulf of Mexico for their type of service. Anyone wishing to purchase a vessel would be advised to have said vessel surveyed by a NAMS Global CMS to give a complete picture. That being said, I believe you would be buying a good investment. The quality and ease of maintenance is built into MTS vessels.


Capt. Kerry R. Corley
Capt. Corley & Associates, LLC.
IAMI-CMI Lifetime Member
NAMS-CMS Retired
SAMS-SMS Former, 50 Years’ Experience